V Rising Game Servers

10 Slots

$ 11.12   /MO
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  • 10 Slots

20 Slots

$ 22.26   /MO
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  • 20 Slots

40 Slots

$ 39.34   /MO
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  • 40 Slots



$ 0.74  

/Slot /MO
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  • 10-40 Slots

What is V Rising?

V Rising full release is now available, you can read more about it on our blog post! Get your own V Rising server today and explore the new Ruins of Mortium zone, along with being able to fight the new bosses Dracula and Simon Belmont. We offer top-notch V Rising Server Hosting, perfect for your adventure.


You play as a weakened vampire after centuries of slumber, to survive you must hunt for blood to regain your strength while hiding from the scorching sun. Rebuild your castle and convert humans into loyal servants to raise your vampire empire! Make allies or enemies with your own private server you can play online with friends, or allow anyone to join your session.

There is a vast world teeming with mythical horrors and dangers. From lust forests to open countryside and dark caverns, you must explore the vast lands to discover valuable resources while meeting friends and foes along the way.

Stick to the shadows in the day time and at the night you can run free, praying on victims to fulfil your blood thirst. You can grow more powerful too by discovering ancient techniques to gain dark powers, using your newly found knowledge to grow your army of darkness.

Our game server hosting for V Rising allows you to have full control over your gaming experience, utilising powerful hardware to ensure a smooth experience for all private servers. We automatically backup your world and settings, and since your V Rising server is in our datacenter the server can run 24/7 too!


For more information about V Rising checkout the Steam Page.


Checkout the trailer!



  • TCAdmin control panel
  • Full FTP file access
  • Backup & Restore functionality
  • Easy to use Configuration Editor
  • Custom command lines
  • Easy one-click updater
  • 4 Ghz+ processor with SSD/NVMe storage
DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

All our hosting comes with automated protection from attackers, so that your servers are never effected.

Instant setup

Instant setup

The very second we receive payment for your order your services are up and ready for you to start using them!

Mod Support

Mod Support

You can enable mods on all of our game servers, just follow one of our easy guides and they're good to go!

Fast servers

Fast servers

We use only the best hardware for our game hosting, utilizing powerful processors, gigabit uplinks and SSD storage.

Awesome Support

Awesome Support

Fast and friendly support team, here anytime you need help from us. To submit a ticket just head over here.

TCAdmin Control Panel

TCAdmin Control Panel

Our game servers are powered by TCAdmin which gives you a fast and easy to use experience!

Our Server Locations

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