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What is Enshrouded?

The new Hallow Halls update is now available, why not Rent Enshrouded server and check it out!?

Enshrouded offers an enthralling blend of survival, crafting, and action RPG combat, set within the majestic realm of Embervale. Our game server hosting, optimised for high-speed and low-latency, ensures that your journey through this voxel-based continent is seamless and immersive. With servers located across the globe, every player, whether casual or dedicated, can enjoy a lag-free Enshrouded server hosting experience as they traverse the diverse landscapes of Embervale, from towering mountains to vast deserts.

The game invites players to ignite the ancient power of the Flame and unravel a story deep within the world's surface. Starting with nothing but the will to survive, players must scavenge through the ruins of a once-great kingdom, facing the beasts that now hunger for their flesh. As you journey through forests, caves, and dungeons, you will search for secret knowledge and treasure, building strength to confront the Shroud and its horrors.

Combat in Enshrouded is heart-pounding and intense. The Shroud, a corrupting force, has mutated the land and its creatures, creating formidable enemies and bosses. Players must hone their fighting skills and spells, taking advantage of an in-depth skill tree system to develop a unique playstyle. The voxel-based building system in the game unleashes creativity, allowing players to construct grand architectures and attract NPCs to their settlements, unlocking advanced crafting capabilities.

With the option for 16 player co-op gameplay, Enshrouded is perfect for friends who want to combine their skills and tackle challenges together. Players can craft legendary weapons and armour, preparing to face the merciless advance of the Shroud. As you explore the biomes of Embervale, you'll immerse yourself in the lore of fallen cultures and ancient myths, from the mystical Kindlewastes to the dark Revelwood.

We have a fantastic support team for our Enshrouded server hosting to ensure your adventures in Enshrouded are as smooth as they are exciting. For more information about the game, check out its Steam Page. Join us in uncovering the secrets of a fallen realm, where magic, ruin, hope, and redemption intertwine, all supported by our robust and reliable game server hosting.


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For more information about Enshrouded checkout the Steam Page.


Enshrouded - Hallow Halls Update!

The latest update for Enshrouded servers is now available, with loads of new updates. Read more on our blog.


  • TCAdmin control panel
  • Full FTP file access
  • Backup & Restore functionality
  • Easy to use Configuration Editor
  • Custom command lines
  • Easy one-click updater
  • 4 Ghz+ processor with SSD/NVMe storage
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Instant setup

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