Myth of Empires Game Servers

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35 Slots

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  • 15-35 Slots

What is Myth of Empires?

Myth of Empires server rentals are now available! Kickstart your dominion in the vast landscapes of Myth of Empires with our premium server hosting. Order a Myth of Empires Server.

Embark on a grand journey in Myth of Empires, a game that merges intricate empire building, dynamic crafting, and intense combat in a richly detailed world. Our state-of-the-art game servers provide an unparalleled gaming experience, featuring high-speed and minimal latency, for total immersion in Myth of Empires’ expansive universe.

Players enter a realm where every decision shapes their empire’s fate. From the diverse ecologies and realistic day/night cycles of the new Dongzhou Island map to the 1300+ crafting recipes that allow for unparalleled creativity in building and fortification.

Dominate the landscape by recruiting NPCs, taming wildlife, and constructing formidable base defenses. Our Myth of Empires server hosting enhances your strategic depth, ensuring your empire thrives against both environmental challenges and enemy onslaughts.

The game redefines warfare with its vast arsenal of weapons, armor, and siege equipment, complemented by new mechanical defenses and combat equipment introduced in the 1.0 release. Engage in epic battles, secure territories, and establish your rule.

With support for cross-server battles, administrative roles, and a 25-path development system for characters, Myth of Empires offers endless possibilities for growth and conquest. Our servers are finely tuned to support the game’s demanding multiplayer dynamics, offering a stable platform for every style of play.

Whether forging alliances in cross-server warfare or cultivating a peaceful empire, our servers ensure that every player’s journey is smooth and uninterrupted. Plus, with the game’s mod editor support, tailor your Myth of Empires experience to your personal vision.

The world of Myth of Empires is ever-evolving, with updates continuously enriching the gameplay and expanding the possibilities.


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For more information about Myth of Empires, check out the Steam Page.


Myth of Empires V1.0 Launch Day Trailer

Exciting news for all empire builders and conquerors! The latest version of Myth of Empires is now released and ready for action. You can upgrade to the newest version directly from our control panel with just a click!
Dive into the enhanced features, expanded territories, and thrilling adventures that this update brings to the epic world of Myth of Empires server hosting.

Watch the Myth of Empires trailer:



  • TCAdmin control panel
  • Full FTP file access
  • Backup & Restore functionality
  • Easy to use Configuration Editor
  • Custom command lines
  • Easy one-click updater
  • 4 Ghz+ processor with SSD/NVMe storage
DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

All our hosting comes with automated protection from attackers, so that your servers are never effected.

Instant setup

Instant setup

The very second we receive payment for your order your services are up and ready for you to start using them!

Mod Support

Mod Support

You can enable mods on all of our game servers, just follow one of our easy guides and they're good to go!

Fast servers

Fast servers

We use only the best hardware for our game hosting, utilizing powerful processors, gigabit uplinks and SSD storage.

Awesome Support

Awesome Support

Fast and friendly support team, here anytime you need help from us. To submit a ticket just head over here.

TCAdmin Control Panel

TCAdmin Control Panel

Our game servers are powered by TCAdmin which gives you a fast and easy to use experience!

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