About Us

Who are we?

We are LogicServers, a brand of LogicForge Limited that offers domain names, web hosting, VoIP services (TeamSpeak 3), game server hosting and other hosting-related services. We have hosting locations in Europe and across North America and a range of different game servers to choose from, with more coming in the future!

For several years we have been open serving many thousands of customers, hosting servers for a wide variety of different games alongside our offer offerings! We try and focus mostly on early-access titles, and particularly love the survival genre. All staff are avid gamers with hundreds (some even thousands) of hours in the games we host.

Whether you’re just trying to get a game server online for you and a few friends or want a domain name with your website hosted - we’ve got you covered. If you need help choosing what service is right for you feel free to contact our support team anytime, 24/7!

Why us?

All of our servers contain extremely powerful hardware that ensure that your services run smoothly and without any issues. Our servers use has Intel Xeon Processors, Solid State Drives, Gigabit connection speeds with DDoS protection services included free with all services! This means that not only do you get amazing support and low prices but also blazingly fast servers.

We love to support and make life that little bit easier for our valued customers! Every game server has access to a variety of awesome tools that can help kick start your server. With configuration editors, full file access via our control panel and over FTP, mod support on select game servers and much more! For more information on features available for each game, check on the page for that game on our website.

All our web hosting services come complete with tools that allow you to monitor your website in real time, manage resources effectively and we even give you access to hundreds of one-click installers all from one easy to use control panel.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on having an excellent, quick and professional response team capable of answering all of your questions and resolving any problems that you may encounter when using our services.

Our support is around 24 hours, 7 days a week to ensure that you always have someone you can talk to for guidance, help and general support when using our services. To get in touch with our support simply head over to your client area and submit a ticket and we will respond as soon as possible!