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What is The Front?

Embark on an Epic Journey in The Front - Your Ultimate Post-Apocalyptic Playground

Step into a world where survival is not a game; it's an unforgiving test of your wit and tenacity. In The Front's post-apocalyptic sandbox, every decision you make could be the difference between life and death. The relentless landscape, unforgiving weather, and hostile enemies will push you to your limits. Will you rise to the occasion, adapt, and thrive? Or will you falter and perish in this brutal, war-torn realm?

Your journey begins with a single choice: to build, adapt, and conquer. Shape your destiny by constructing a fortified refuge, crafting essential gear, and gathering vital resources from the vast, open world. As you delve deeper into The Front's unpredictable terrain, you'll need to master the art of tactical warfare. Strategically lay cunning traps, fortify your territory, and defend it against relentless invaders. Take control of a fleet of over 20 meticulously designed vehicles, ranging from utilitarian trucks to awe-inspiring helicopters. Each vehicle offers unique advantages, making every moment in The Front a thrilling and dynamic experience.

Gameplay Highlights:

  • Sandbox Survival: Build your refuge, gather resources, and craft essential gear in a limitless open world.
  • Tactical Defense: Set cunning traps to fend off invaders and protect your territory.
  • Vehicle Mastery: Craft and pilot over 20 vehicle types, from utilitarian trucks to formidable helicopters.
  • Automated Defense: Create intricate defense systems using circuits and devices for added security.
  • Dynamic Conflict: Engage in intense battles, whether raiding rival bases or defending your own.

Additional Features:

  • Recruit Allies: Subdue NPCs to bolster your forces and enhance your base's efficiency.
  • Agriculture and Culinary Arts: Cultivate crops and cook delicious meals from a variety of recipes.
  • Explore a War-Torn World: Traverse diverse landscapes, uncover hidden locations, and loot valuable resources.

Experience The Front's Brutal Realities with Seamless Gameplay with your own private server!

Our high-speed, low-latency game server hosting is tailored for seamless gameplay. With server locations worldwide, both casual and dedicated players can enjoy lag-free adventures. Plus, our dedicated support team is there to assist you, ensuring you can immerse yourself in The Front's challenging landscape and earn your victories.

For more information about The Front checkout the Steam Page.


  • TCAdmin Systemsteuerung
  • Voller FTP Zugriff
  • Backup & Wiederherstellungsfunktion
  • Einfach zu bedienender Konfigurations Editor
  • Benutzerdefinierte Befehlszeilen
  • Einfacher one-click Updater
  • 4 Ghz+ Processoren mit SSD/NVMe Speicher
DDoS Schutz

DDoS Schutz

Unsere Server sind automatisch vor Angriffen geschützt, damit Deine Server immer reibungslos erreichbar sind

Schnelles Setup

Schnelles Setup

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Mod Unterstützung

Mod Unterstützung

Alle unsere Game Server unterstützen mods, folge einfach eine unserer mod Anleitungen und los geht's!

Schnelle Server

Schnelle Server

Wir verwenden nur die beste Hardware für unsere Game Hosting Server: leistungsstarke Prozessoren, Gigabit Uplinks und SSD Festplatten.

Toller Kundendienst

Toller Kundendienst

Schneller und freundlicher Kundendienst, jederzeit erreichbar wenn Du Hilfe benötigst. Folge den Link um ein Support Ticket einzureichen here.

TCAdmin Systemsteuerung

TCAdmin Systemsteuerung

Unsere Game Server sind mit der TCAdmin Systemsteuerung ausgestattet, um Dir ein schnelle und einfache Bedienung zu ermöglichen.

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