Smalland Game Servers

4 Slots

$ 4.99   /Monat
ex. MwSt
  • 4 Slots

8 Slots

$ 9.34   /Monat
ex. MwSt
  • 8 Slots

10 Slots

$ 10.80   /Monat
ex. MwSt
  • 10 Slots



$ 0.83  

/Slot /Monat
ex. MwSt
  • 4-10 Slots

What is Smalland?

Embark on an epic adventure in Smalland! With our premium Smalland server hosting, dive into the Land of the Small and reclaim the surface world. Order a Smalland Server.

Smalland beckons players to a world of wonder and adventure, and with our high-speed, low-latency game server hosting, this experience is elevated to new heights. Our hosting solution is meticulously designed for seamless gameplay, ensuring that every moment in the Land of the Small is immersive and uninterrupted. With servers strategically located worldwide, we cater to both casual and dedicated players, guaranteeing lag-free adventures regardless of your location.

In this game, you'll explore vast landscapes, from dense forests to mysterious ruins, uncovering hidden stories and lore. The thrill of the game is enhanced by our ability to tame and ride a variety of creatures, making every exploration a unique experience. Multiplayer support for up to 10 players allows you and your friends to build, fight, and survive together, creating a shared and memorable journey.

For those who love to craft and build, our game offers a rich and detailed environment. Construct your own encampments, craft custom armour sets, and adapt to the challenges of a world where survival is key. Our dedicated support team is always on hand to assist you, ensuring that your adventures in Smalland are as smooth as they are exciting.

Jump into this captivating world of small, where your victories are earned in a landscape filled with challenges and surprises, all supported by our robust and reliable Smalland server hosting.


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For more information about Smalland checkout the Steam Page.


  • TCAdmin Systemsteuerung
  • Voller FTP Zugriff
  • Backup & Wiederherstellungsfunktion
  • Einfach zu bedienender Konfigurations Editor
  • Benutzerdefinierte Befehlszeilen
  • Einfacher one-click Updater
  • 4 Ghz+ Processoren mit SSD/NVMe Speicher
DDoS Schutz

DDoS Schutz

Unsere Server sind automatisch vor Angriffen geschützt, damit Deine Server immer reibungslos erreichbar sind

Schnelles Setup

Schnelles Setup

Sobald deine Bezahlung bei uns eingegangen ist, steht Dir unser Service zur Verfügung und du kannst loslegen!

Mod Unterstützung

Mod Unterstützung

Alle unsere Game Server unterstützen mods, folge einfach eine unserer mod Anleitungen und los geht's!

Schnelle Server

Schnelle Server

Wir verwenden nur die beste Hardware für unsere Game Hosting Server: leistungsstarke Prozessoren, Gigabit Uplinks und SSD Festplatten.

Toller Kundendienst

Toller Kundendienst

Schneller und freundlicher Kundendienst, jederzeit erreichbar wenn Du Hilfe benötigst. Folge den Link um ein Support Ticket einzureichen here.

TCAdmin Systemsteuerung

TCAdmin Systemsteuerung

Unsere Game Server sind mit der TCAdmin Systemsteuerung ausgestattet, um Dir ein schnelle und einfache Bedienung zu ermöglichen.

Unsere Serverstandorte

Unsere Serverstandorte Unsere Serverstandorte Unsere Serverstandorte