Get Ready! Enshrouded Server Hosting Coming Soon!

Posted on 3rd Jan 2024

Enshrouded game servers coming soon!

We are thrilled to share some exciting news as we gear up for the highly-anticipated release of Enshrouded, a captivating survival and crafting action RPG set in the enchanting world of Embervale. Prepare to embark on an epic journey with dedicated game server hosting for Enshrouded, ensuring an unparalleled multiplayer experience like no other.

You might have already had a taste of Enshrouded, and so know what's in store. The recent Enshrouded demo released during Steam Next Fest in October has provided us all with several hours of thrilling gameplay. It offered a wide range of possibilities, from building, fighting, and befriending legendary artisans to exploring, terraforming, and levelling up. Whether you're playing in co-op mode or going solo, the Enshrouded demo showcased the diverse experiences awaiting you in the full game.

Town in Enshrouded

Developed by Keen Games GmbH, Enshrouded immerses players in a realm shrouded by an ominous fog known as the Shroud. As the Flameborn, the last hope of an ancient civilization, your mission is to navigate this perilous world, mastering formidable weapons, potent spells, and impenetrable armour to confront the abominations lurking within the Shroud.

What sets Enshrouded apart is its dynamic, voxel-based continent, providing you with the freedom to explore diverse landscapes, from towering mountains to desolate deserts. Starting with nothing, you must scavenge through the remnants of a lost kingdom, building your strength to venture deeper into the heart of the Shroud.

However, the true essence of Enshrouded lies in its emphasis on cooperative gameplay. The game supports both single-player and online co-op modes for up to 16 players, enabling a wide range of player interactions and collaborative adventures. Imagine embarking on this epic journey with friends, facing off against rival factions, and taking on the game's formidable bosses together.

Town in Enshrouded

At LogicServers, we understand the critical role of reliable hosting services in delivering an exceptional multiplayer gaming experience. With our dedicated Enshrouded game servers, you can bid farewell to lag and connectivity issues. We ensure the stability and performance necessary for a truly immersive adventure, where you can focus on conquering the challenges of Embervale without interruption.

As passionate gamers ourselves, we are committed to providing you with the ultimate Enshrouded game server hosting experience. Whether you're crafting epic structures with friends, battling fierce foes, or challenging the games relentless bosses, our servers will stand by your side on your journey through the Shroud.

Keep a close eye on our website for further details and announcements as we approach the release date. The adventure begins soon!

One we release servers you'll be able to rent an Enshrouded Server on our website

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