LongVinter Game Servers

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What is LongVinter?

Unveil the mysteries of Longvinter Island with your own dedicated game server from LogicServers. Take on the role of a determined researcher, sent to this enigmatic island to unlock its unique secrets.

Your expedition commences at one of several strategically positioned research camps across the island. Equip yourself with essential tools, trade valuable resources, and invest in advanced equipment to outpace fellow researchers.

Discover the Key Features of Longvinter Island:

  • Hand-Crafted Open World: Immerse yourself in a meticulously designed open-world, ripe for exploration. Discover prime fishing spots and ideal berry locations, strategically positioning your camp to optimize your earnings.
  • PvP (Player vs. Player): Engage with other determined individuals vying for success on the island. Forge alliances, defend your territory, and conquer valuable new areas in this competitive struggle for dominance.
  • Building: Exercise your creativity by constructing structures anywhere in collaboration with fellow players. Choose a prime location for your tent, kindle a campfire, and extend your territory. Safeguard your valuables inside the tent, accessible only to you.
  • Crafting: Effortlessly combine various items at a workbench, instantly creating novel and useful resources.
  • Farming: Cultivate crops for sustenance or profit by selling them, enhancing your financial prospects.
  • Sandbox Experience: Exercise your freedom to craft the game you desire with absolute autonomy. Longvinter offers an unrestricted environment, allowing you to define your adventure without limitations or predefined tasks.
  • Trading: Utilize your expertise and rare findings, trading them for profit with eager players. Establish a steady income stream by selling to camp vendors and other enthusiasts.

Unleash your creativity and shape the destiny of Longvinter Island. Craft a vibrant tale, engage with fellow adventurers, and make the island your own. With LogicServers, hosting your dedicated Longvinter game server is a seamless experience, backed by our commitment to providing regular, free content updates and unrivaled support.

Embark on your journey today with a Longvinter game server hosted by LogicServers, and immerse yourself in an ever-evolving adventure. Dominate the island and create your legacy, all while experiencing the performance and reliability of LogicServers game server hosting.


For more information about LongVinter checkout the Steam Page.


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  • Painel de Controle TCAdmin
  • Acesso total a arquivos via FTP
  • Funções de Backup e Restauração
  • Editor de configuração fácil de usar
  • Linhas de comando personalizadas
  • Atualizador fácil com apenas 1 clique
  • Processador de 4 Ghz+ com armazenamento em SSD/NVMe
Proteção anti-DDoS

Proteção anti-DDoS

Todos os nossos servidores vem com proteção automatizada contra invasores, para que seus servidores nunca sejam afetados.

Configuração Rápida

Configuração Rápida

No instante em que recebermos o pagamento pelo seu pedido, seus serviços estarão prontos para você começar a usá-los!

Suporte à Mods

Suporte à Mods

Você pode ativar mods em todos os nossos servidores de jogos, basta seguir um de nossos guias fáceis e pronto!

Servidores Rápidos

Servidores Rápidos

Utilizamos somente o melhor hardware para a hospedagem de jogos, utilizando processadores poderosos, uplinks em Gigabit e armazenamento em SSDs.

Suporte Incrível

Suporte Incrível

Equipe de suporte rápida e amigável, sempre disponível pra te ajudar. Para enviar um Ticket, é só clicar aqui.

Painel de Controle TCAdmin

Painel de Controle TCAdmin

Nossos servidores de jogos são equipados com o TCAdmin, que oferece uma experiência rápida e fácil de usar!

Localização dos Nossos Servidores

Localização dos Nossos Servidores Localização dos Nossos Servidores Localização dos Nossos Servidores