List of Admin Commands for Dark and Light




cheat god


Disables any kind of damage that's inflicted to the player.

cheat infinitestats


It gives the player the max stats as possible within your server.

cheat fly


Makes the player light enough to allow them to fly instead of having the player walk.

cheat walk


Similar to the one above, this restores regular walking.

cheat destroyallenemies


It removes all the enemies found on the current world but will allow them to randomly respawn should a player require them.

cheat giveresources


The game will give the player that uses this command, 50 resources of each kind.

cheat addexperience

cheat addexperience 20000 0 0

Gives the player the amount provided of experience, keep it between or below 99999999 otherwise it won't work.

cheat giveitemnum

cheat giveitemnum 25 100

Gives the player the amount requested of said item (cheat giveitemnum [ItemID] [Quantity]).

cheat forcetame


It instantly tames the creature you're looking at.

cheat destroymytarget


It destroys the enemy/object you're pointing at with your camera.

cheat teleport

cheat teleport 32 100 -23 (XYZ)

It destroys the enemy/object you're pointing at with your cursor.

cheat slowmo

cheat slowmo 5

It slows downs the movements of any creature, player, etc on the entire server (Default: 1 | Normal Speed).

cheat playersonly


It freezes every system on the game except the player (Note: Will stop crafting, etc).

cheat enemyinvisible

cheat enemyinvisible true

Disables AI awareness such as Creatures/Enemies to players (It requires a Boolean value to work).

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